The GH3 ceiling hoist is a lifting module that is user-friendly and powerful enough to handle lifting and moving procedures in all professional care settings. The lifting module is easy to operate and helps make lifting and moving procedures safe, simple and comfortable for user and care staff alike.

The GH3 module charges itself through the rails, irrespective of where in the system the lifting module is positioned. This ensures that the ceiling hoist is always ready to use. Designed specifically for the working conditions that are typical in professional care settings, this lifting module is dimensioned to deal with heavy loads on a regular basis. Combined with products from the comprehensive Guldmann range of lifting accessories, the GH3 is the ideal choice for many different lifting and moving procedures, and can also be used to assist with other care tasks, mobilisation exercises, training and rehabilitation programmes.

Key Facts

  • User-friendly and powerful
  • Lifting capacity up to 500 kg
  • Continuous charge


GH3 Hoist