Smart Floor

The Elsi Smart Floor is a unique system which can be easily installed under practically any flooring type, is invisible, senses the movement of the resident around the room and most importantly detects if they fall. Notably, there is no intrusion into the daily routine of the resident and they can feel more secure that should they fall, staff will be notified immediately.

Key Facts

  • Senses movement
  • Detects falls
  • Diverse and vital information on the residents’ activity

The Elsi® User Interface provides diverse and vital information on the residents’ activity levels throughout the day [and night]. The Elsi System learns the resident’s normal activity level and is capable of setting different threshold values for each resident.

It records variances in a resident’s condition such as more regular visits to the bathroom or a change in their walking pattern and movement around the room. Should the resident visit the bathroom repeatedly during the night or spend longer in the bathroom than usual it could alert the care staff to a possible infection issue enabling them to advise the day staff that the particular resident may be more tired than usual and hence susceptible to falls. The Elsi Smart Floor Solution provides vital information relating to the resident’s activity levels. The data collection and reporting function of the system builds a comprehensive profile of the resident’s behavioural activities which could be provided to CQC during inspection. There are light modules in the skirtings offering floor level lighting and separate fall detectors in the bathroom. Alarms can be sent to a nurse’s station, tablet or smart phone.

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